BBC Media Action (Nigeria)

BBC Media Action Nigeria hired RadioActive to build new talk studios inside their offices in Abuja, Nigeria and train up their teams to use the studios.

YOUTUBE ASj0SQLpTTU RadioActive Engineer Max Graef gives a brief guide to the new Radio Talk Studios at BBC Media Action Office in Abuja, Nigeria

# About the project

BBC Media Action Nigeria runs a wide range of radio and TV-based social communications campaigns aimed at addressing different development issues, including the long running radio drama serial Story Story, which reaches a total of 11 million listeners worldwide, as well as several talk shows broadcast on radio stations across Nigeria.

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Media Action commissioned RadioActive to design and install a set of up to date radio production studios for daily use that can also be used for broadcast if the need arises.

RadioActive worked with Oshioma Brai of Swift Presentation, the architects who designed and built the BBC World Service Hausa Service studios in Abuja, and Beyond Broadcasting, UK-based international media consultants, to develop a set of studios designs, supply and install the equipment and commission the studios.

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The studios are now in daily use in the production of radio and audio content for Media Action’s multiple outputs.

# Main Objectives

To create talk shows, PSAs and radio dramas promoting governance and accountability in Nigeria. Programmes produced in the studio are broadcast on over 120 radio stations across Nigeria.

# Nearbye

The distance from [[Abuja] is about 3 h 11 min (183.0 km) via road.

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