RadioActive provide equipment, training and technical assistance to set up radio stations around the world. No matter what your budget is or where you are based, we can help you have your voice heard and harness the incredible power of radio -

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# Projects in world cup countries

Below we list radioactive radio projects that are in countries taking part in the world cup 2018:

# Projects

Our engineers and trainers have worked with communities around the globe to give them the tools and skills to run their own FM radio stations -

- BBC MA Myanmar Multiple - Awaaz Radio - Roundhouse Radio Online - Millennium TV Channel 38 - Radio Mingkaman - Radio Bario - Waterberg Waves - Bui Community Radio - Radio Itinerante - Radio Flambeau - Radio Kapilvastu - Radio Training at Radio Tsavo - Radio Tsavo - Ibdaa Cultural Centre - Radio 194 - Radio Meva Ankarana - Donga Mantung Community Radio - AfroReggaeDigital - - La Voie de la Non-Violence - Nigeria Production Studios - DELSU FM - Radio Salam - K2K Radio - - Radio Bakdaw - Maximum Rise Radio - Capital FM